2 comments on “Ultra Orthodox Guy Meets World

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  2. I was a Mediterranean Jewish girl attending a Ultra Orthodox Jewish School as a child in New England. My brother and I encountered racism on a regular basis. To this day, I face disbelief when I explain my experiences to non-Jews who do not understand history. Sometimes, I do get angry and then I have to remind myself that the anger is counterproductive. My anger helps to propagate this vicious cycle. I was once told by the daughter of the head rabbi of the school that he told her “It is better to be friends with a non-Jew than to be friends with a bad Jew like you.” I was 8 years old and didn’t understand why I was a “bad Jew.”

    You’re picture and commentary is great. Laughter is healing. Every-time I think of those words that young-girl repeated to me, I will now think of this picture and grin. Thank you. Please check out my blog sometime.

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